is my prize-winning new humorous novel about bottom-feeding millennial lawyers (Quattro Books). CLICK HERE to buy Loopholes from the Quattro Books website (author’s note: buying directly from the publisher is generally a more author-friendly way to do things…but feel free to find the book on Amazon or Chapters, it’s all there and they are shipping nicely). Loopholes is the winner of the 2015 Ken Klonsky Novella Prize and will be launched in June 2015.
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reviews of loopholes

Read the book critics everywhere are calling “still in my pile…somewhere“:

 “Loopholes is deep.  Deeper than Deep Blue…but not quite as deep as a McCain’s Deep and Delicious.”  — Kichiko Makutani, The Yew Nork Times

Oh, I read Loopholes.  And now I’m going to sue you.”   — All the lawyers I know

Loopholes is currently available for pre-order on Chapters.ca and on Amazon.

Meet the cast of Loopholes

Meet Octavian Castro

“Everything about Octavian Castro was “classified”. The man was opaque. He looked skittish if you asked him about his family and deeply offended if you asked about his plans for the weekend. Pressed for answers, he would stroke his long beard like Confucius and say, ‘That’s classified information, I’m afraid.’”

Meet Walter

“I’m five foot six, sour-faced and sweaty; every dress shirt I have ever owned is dotted with Jackson Pollock driblets of perspiration. Next to the seven-foot Confidence Men who lope around in scented mists of aftershave, I look like Dobby the House Elf… You may as well know that my name is Walter Roger, technically […]

Meet Ramón

“I immediately spotted Ramón sitting in his Peugeot across the street and waved. He waved back and started the car. He had probably been waiting there all day: there were twin patches of sweat under the arms of his short sleeved shirt and he had the dark under-eye circles of a man dehydrated. “Well,” he […]

Meet Germans

“The beach was full of Germans. They were easy to spot because they were solidly built, deathly serious and mostly nude. They all woke up at the crack of dawn to nab the best towels and could be seen carefully calibrating their beach chairs to the precise angle of the sun’s rays to ensure optimal […]


“The absolute crème de la crème of this lot shot across the border to New York within five minutes of graduation.   Toronto aspires to be New York; New York is Toronto with wings and a jet-pack. Oh yes, say the snotty mem sahibs of Yorkville, I was in New York for the weekend, I went […]

Meet Ferdinand MAGELLAN: lawyer and world-class sucker

“Mags was the best lawyer I knew. He also had dim little blue eyes full of crumbly yellow bits and a peculiar lopsided gait that was the remnant of absolutely no childhood ailment at all – he just walked like a gimp. Thousand dollar Italian suits died when Mags wore them, withering almost instantly into […]

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