is my prize-winning humourous novella about bottom-feeding millennial lawyers (Quattro Books). CLICK HERE to buy Loopholes from the Quattro Books website (author’s note: buying directly from the publisher is generally a more author-friendly way to do things…but feel free to find the book on Amazon or Chapters, it’s all there and they are shipping nicely). Loopholes is the winner of the 2015 Ken Klonsky Novella Prize.
QB_Loopholes_Cover (1)

reviews of loopholes

Read the book critics everywhere are calling “still in my pile…somewhere“:

Loopholes is deep. Deeper than Deep Blue…but not quite as deep as a McCain’s Deep and Delicious.” — Kichiko Makutani, The Yew Nork Times

Oh, I read Loopholes. And now I’m going to sue you.” — All the lawyers I know

Loopholes is available at for purchase at Quattro Books, or at discerning bookstores near you.

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