Frequently Asked Questions

2 km above ground in the Alps. It was terrifying.

How do I contact you?
Showey at showey dot net or tweet at me- @showeyyazdanian.

How are you?
I’m alright, thanks. You?

What is Loopholes about?
It’s about three fairly dumb lawyers drunk on a deadly cocktail of desperation, poverty and stupidity and bent on scamming their way to success. Really it’s the story of the swarms of unemployed, underemployed, over-educated twenty/thirtysomethings who followed all of society’s rules for success and have yet to reap their rewards.

Have you written anything else?
Yes. Life is Perhaps is a collection of short stories about the immigrant experience in Toronto (out of print…I should revive it some time as it contained some good stories). I’ve contributed articles to Maclean’s, The Globe and Mail, Now Magazine, The Toronto Star, The Guelph Mercury, The Lawyer’s Weekly and the story collection Footprints for Mothers and Daughters (HarperCollins).

Who are your favourite writers?
1. Gordon Korman, author of some of the best YA classics of my generation. I challenge you to read I Want to Go Home! or Son of Interflux without laughing your head off.
2. Mordechai Richler. I don’t think any other author has succeeded in achieving his blend of wit, ancedote, and pathos.
3. Muriel Spark. The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie is the most stylishly written novel I’ve ever read.
4. Clive James. Unreliable Memoirs is the half-true, half-false first volume of the story of his life, and is often hailed as one of the funniest British books ever written.

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