Something Blue by Emily Griffin

something_blue…was mildly entertaining, but if I’m going to read this sort of pulp, my expectations are higher. I require constant action, a veritable roller coaster of breathless plot twists.

Something Blue is not that novel.  It’s about a rather nasty, self-obsessed individual named Darcy who cares only for designer clothes and shoes – and how she finds true love.  It’s apparently (I’m told) written in the tradition of Twilight, which I haven’t read but I understand is based on the fiction that somewhere out there, waiting for every girl is a sensitive, steady, desperately monogamous, spectacularly handsome gallant whose only dream in life is to listen to her narcissistic whining.  I wouldn’t particularly recommend this.  The Other Bolyen Girl, which is also firmly a pulp novel, was vastly more entertaining.

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